dragon love story part 1

This is the story of a girl who had the power of almost every dragon and one day she took a walk then she got whisked away to a house in the forest and then she met the dragon clan, but she never knew that they loved her in till Michael told her about her dragon powers and that he loved her.

I worked hard on this and I wanted to make this because I was looking at a quiz called supernatural love story, so I decided to make, dragon love story, its about the dragon clan and dragon power and all that. oh and I hope you comment on the quiz and I hope you all like it.

Created by: dragon ember

  1. you decide to take a walk one completely normal day, you suddenly see a big man with red eyes and you walk away, he seems to be following you.
  2. he suddenly grabs you and before you know it you are flying on a red dragon and then suddenly you see a small house in the woods and the dragon you are riding on lands near the house.
  3. the dragon lets you get off and you are about to run away but then you turn around and that man with the red eyes is standing where the dragon use to be
  4. the guy grabs you and brings you inside, the house is way bigger then you think, and someone else comes and this guy has golden eyes and short white hair and he brings you into a big room with silver walls.
  5. the guy says,"I need to tell you something," then he says that his name is michael
  6. michael says, "you have to meet the other guys, who was bringing you here?
  7. X continuing from answer one from last question X michael says,"His name is jake, I'll call him in if you want."
  8. michael calls jake in the room and the guy with the red eyes come in. he stares right in your eyes and you stare right into his eyes.
  9. michael says," do you want to see the other guys?" suddenly one of them come in and he has dark blue eyes and is holding a soda. michael says,"oh, this is fred, be careful around him though" fred smiles at you and hands you the soda.
  10. X continuing from question 4 X michael says smiling,"he is gonna pull a, you open the can before he could finish talking and the soda overflows and shoots up and some gets on your face and you scream
  11. jake goes to get a towel for you and he wipes your face with it, michael and fred are laughing and then they notice that you are staring at them and they know your angry and they stop laughing and then some other guy comes in and he has black eyes and short black hair and he looks mysterious.
  12. michael whispers to you," this is colin, you shouldn't really bother him or anything that makes him annoyed or angry
  13. colin notices that you are whispering to each other and he storms out of the room and when you look out, he is going in a dark room with black walls and then you get curious and you decide to go in his room
  14. while you are looking around a deep voice says,"why are you in my room." you look around but you cant see colin, then he appears out of nowhere and grabs you
  15. X continuing from question one and two X michael comes running in and he says," dont go in his room!, he doesn't like anyone in there!" michael pulls you out of colin's room and you can hear colin yelling," don't come in ever again!" michael brings you to his room again.
  16. michael says," I dont really know but you shouldn't go in his room again, and if I'm not around I wont be able to help you" you ask," why couldn't I see him at first?" michael says," he can turn himself invisible, he is part dark dragon."
  17. you go in the hallway and then when you turn the corner there are two really strong and tough looking men and they look almost the same but one has freckels on his face and they are both staring right at you, then they start walking towards you, you yell for michael to come and he isn't coming.
  18. one of them says," its ok, we wont hurt you" and you stop running, then the other one says," we may look really strong but we wont beat up a pretty girl like you."
  19. michael comes out of his room and says," what's wrong?, why were you screaming?" one of the strong looking men said," I saw her in the hallway and we were about to say hello but then she started freaking out and calling for you. then michael said," they wont ever hurt you, they are actually friendly, and they like to work out a lot." the men heard that and they said, I dont think you know us yet so we'll tell you our names, I am richard and this is my twin, justin.
  20. michael says," richard's nickname is dirt because of the freckels on his face and justin's nickname is mud because he sometimes likes to throw mudballs at richard.
  21. you decide to go outside so you go out the door and you see a giant tree, you decide to sit under the tree and then you hear a voice say,"hello."
  22. then the voice says," I'm up here!" then you look up at the tree and you see a boy sitting on a branch looking at you and he has bright green eyes and he is smiling at you, and he has a leaf in his hand, he starts eating the leaf.
  23. you ask the boy what his name is, the boy on the tree says," my name is ryan". ryan jumps off the tree and gives you a giant leaf
  24. michael comes out and he brings you back in his room, michael says," I forgot to tell you something, its really important, I have been spying on you for almost your whole life and I need to tell you this, you have the power of almost every kind of dragon
  25. then michael says," I never told you this but I always have loved you and I want you to love me back to, but if you do, you'll become a light dragon, and it is like spreading your power to someone else, if you start loving colin you'll become a dark dragon and if you fall in love with one of the other guys you'll become the same type as one of them are."
  26. michael says," if you choose me you'll be a light dragon and lose your other powers, if you choose to love someone else you'll become what type of dragon they are, I really hope you choose me because I really love you a lot.
  27. X continuing from number 1 X "you really want to be with me?" said michael, he seemed like he was really glad that you chose him. michael says," I guess I'll tell the other guys." he walks out of the room and goes to tell the other guys.
  28. michael comes back to the room after he tells everyone and he comes back and walks toward you, then he kisses you and you slowly feel yourself changing, your eyes become silver but you dont know it. and your skin becomes even whiter like its glowing.
  29. you slowly start turning into a light dragon and you grow golden wings and white spikes on your head and back, and your wings start glowing. michael says,"you just turned into a light dragon.

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