A Tropical Love Story...with a few twists part 3

Okay.This one is sorta long. Sorry and it doesn't have much interaction with boys. Sorry.But I need it because it sort of sets the tone for the next parts so...SORRY! Mark isn't in this one much...sorry

Mark-Brown hair,deep green eyes,element:EARTH,serious,Battled a dragon for a couple hours Patrick-Blonde hair ,light blue eyes,good sese of humor,youngest immortal in your group.Element:WATER James-black hair,black eyes,elemement:FIRE,can be serious but usually isn't,knows a lot about you

Created by: cathedral

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  1. 1) You guys sit there for awhile and listen to the end of the battle. You still can’t get over that just a few days ago you were sitting in your office listening to your favorite music. You hadn’t heard about any promotion deals and definitely not anything about magic or dragons. Now you are sitting at the edge of a stream with two guys you hardly know but feel strangely connected to. While another guy fights a mythical lunatic dragon. Plus you just learned that you have control over a certain element. This day keeps on getting better and better…
  2. 2) “Um, James?” Patrick says uncertainly. “Yeah?” James answers turning to look at him. “I need to tell you something and it’s sorta private…” Patrick says glancing at you. You nod and slowly get up. Of course you don’t forget to give each of them a suspicious look.
  3. 3) You walk away and then hide in the thick brush. You know it would not be a good idea if you missed this. You can barely hear their voices but you can’t seem to find a better hiding place that’s any closer.
  4. 4) James starts off. “So what do you need, kid?” Patrick’s irritated voice comes in. “I’m not a kid. I’m over 4oo hundred years old!” James says “All right. All right. Geez, you’re the youngest one here. Even Juliet beats you by a couple hundred years.” You frown.
  5. 5) “That’s what I need to talk to you about. I don’t think Juliet’s as old as she seems. Just listen. She…she knows nothing about immortalization nor the elements. I have serious doubts that she is more than the age she appears to be!” James winces as Patrick’s old French accent appears in his speech. Then he says, “You can’t be serious! You can obviously tell how old she is. At least 700 years. Maybe more!”
  6. 6) You hear the snap of a twig behind you and turn around to see…a young woman of around 19 years of age. She has brown hair and light grey eyes. You don’t know how you can tell. But you just know that she’s already dead. The woman smiles at your shocked and confused face and then bends down to look in your eyes. Suddenly you get flashes and blurs of what you know is your life. You see…
  7. 7) When you awake from your trip the woman is gone and night has fallen. You can still hear the boys talking and you decide to listen again. Unfortunately, you have no idea what their talking about because they keep lapsing into French, Latin and the ancient Celtic tongue. You only hear the last part. James says “….isn’t that a coincidence. You, me, Mark and Juliet all together on the Same island working for the Same company. Funny, isn’t it?” You can’t see Patrick’s face but you know he’s stunned from his voice. “You mean they set this all up! They want us to…to… to WHAT?!?!?What do they want us to do”
  8. 8) “Don’t know. But we are going to find out!” James says putting his hand on Patrick’s shoulder. He takes it off quickly because of the steam and smoke that starts to come off of it. Patrick says, the French accent was gone. “We can’t tell Mark who she really is, right?” James says “Right. And definitely not Juliet. At this point we can only re-teach her and hope it all works out.” They switch the conversation to something less serious and ask you to come out.
  9. 9) You do and smile at them. Patrick grins that crooked smile and James smiles grimly. You say “Well that was a long talk. Do you mind if I ask what it was about?” James chuckles and says “Yes. Yes we do.”
  10. 10) At that moment Mark walks in. And, well, let’s just say he doesn’t look too good. The right side of his body is completely covered in blood. You can’t really tell if it is his blood or the dragon’s. He’s holding a dark green emerald stone and the same deep colour is surrounding Mark. The smell of grass is incredibly strong in the air. You take a step toward him but he collapses.
  11. 11) Son of a %#@&$!!!” James yells as he and Patrick run over to help Mark. Patrick tries to touch him but Mark’s aura is too strong. It only causes Patrick’s to light up as well. You back away to let them take over.
  12. 12) “We can’t move him! The current is too strong! It’s already threatening to consume him!!!” James shouts as grass, the sea and burning leaves fill the air with their scent.
  13. 13) “THEN WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO!!!!”Patrick cries. Suddenly you feel the woman with grey eyes standing beside you. She says “You are the one. The one that will save them all. The one that holds all and lets go of none. The one that lost everything and that will regain it all and more. All you have to do is begin. Are you ready?”
  14. 14) All you can do is nod. She whispers what to do, then, she disappears. You walk up to Mark. When you are a yard away your aura flares up. James and Patrick are amazed at the brilliance. You set your hand on Mark’s head and whisper the words of the elements. “Lewd Le Lyell One Le De Sade Emerald” you whisper. Your aura starts to flow down your hand and fade into Mark’s head and heart. His green aura and your gold melt together and start to pulse.
  15. 15) After 5 minutes you can feel your strength ebbing away. You try to hold on a little while longer but you know you’ve got nothing left. You give way to the black that is starting to cloud your vision and fall down next to Mark…

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