A Tropical Love Story...with a few twists part 4

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I was actually going to stop doing these but your comments made me feel really good about it so I've done another.kaythis one is really long. And it's pretty much just all of you and Mark.Sorry to fans of James and Patrick but they'l be back. I don't know if I'll get the next one out tomorrow or in a few days. I'm having slight problems.There won't be any during July.sorry but I have to go to Iowa and my dad doesn't want any electronics...so yeah.enjoy...

Mark-dark brown hair,dark green eyes,serious,fought a dragon.born in England in 1308 under the name Marklan Stephen Lyell. Element:Earth James-black hair,black eyes,sometimes serious mostly not though,born in Scotland in 1453 under the name Jamisen Gavin Spark Element:FIRE Patrick-blonde hair,light blue eyes, funny,born in France in the late 1500's under the name Padraig Niccolo Lyell, Element:WATER all are handsome

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  1. You have just collapsed into unconsiousness next to Mark. James is hurt but his aura is starting to heal him.He'll be fine in a few hours. Patrick is incredibly scared for his brother's and your life. Mark will be fine because you have healed unimaginably well with your aura. And you have been completely unconsious until now.
  2. You open your eyes and see...
  3. The woman with grey eyes.Before you can say anything she covers your mouth with her hand.She whispers "Shh, just listen. You’ve been asleep for 2 days. Marklan, Padraig and Jamisen are safe and well. They are talking about you at this very moment.”
  4. She sees the confusion on your face. She smiles sadly. “You still do not remember these men? That is rather depressing. Yes, but you will remember. I can see that you will and I will help you. I’m sending someone to help you, actually. Oh and remember, do not judge the boys on their pasts but dwell into their futures.” and with that she was gone.
  5. You look around and see that you’re back at the camp. It’s early morning. You can’t seem to see or hear any of the boys so you decide to walk around a bit. When you get up on your feet your head feels like it was hit by a truck. Your whole body, actually. Then, you feel your knees collapse on you and are about to hit the ground, when a pair of strong arms catch you and set you down on the ground.
  6. “You should really more careful. I might not always be around to catch you, Juliet.” Mark says as he sits down beside you. You smile and ask where the others are. “Haven’t seen them.” Mark says but his smile is gone. You can tell he’s lying. What are you thinking…
  7. After a minute of listening to the ocean you ask “So your element is earth, right?” Mark says “Yes. And I heard that you do not know which element you are.” A British accent is working its way into his speech. You start to explain what happened with Patrick but Mark stops you and says he already knows all about that.
  8. "So do you think the company set us all up?" you ask. Mark looks at you and says, "Yes.Yes, I bloody well think they did!And we're going to find out why!" Mark takes your hand. Depending on whether you like him or not. you either keep your hand there or take it back.
  9. “I am going to train you in Earth. Patrick will train you in water and James will train you in fire.In that order. Then, we’ll see which one is the most attractive to you.” You’re not really sure if he means elements or the guys. You say “When will you start training me?" He looks at you very seriously and says, “Today.”
  10. "Today.I just got back from a mini-coma and your making me do magic!"You say. "Come on.It's good for you!" Mark Laughs and adds. "I'm be back soon.Just rest for awhile." and he runs off.
  11. You rest until the sun is almost in the zenith. (that means it's about 11:45 a.m.) Then, James walks over. "Listen I don't have much time, Mark will be here soon. I really like you and don't want anything bad to happen to you. Be wary of Mark.He's done many things that would shock you." and then he and his scottish accent were gone.
  12. You hear Patrick come over. "Listen, I don't have much time! James is a very bad man!Fire is always dangerous! I don't want anything to happen to you." he and his French accent are gone.
  13. Your stunned by it all.But Mark walks over and breaks you from the trance. "Are you ready?"
  14. you say,"Yeah." and he leads you over to a huge boulder and has you and him sitting next to it. "All right.I need you to close your eyes and concentrate on a rock,tree, or anything like that.Use your imagination." You do this and listen to MArk's voice.
  15. Then,your tree changes into a view of the earth.You can hear Mark say,"Earth is the most important element.It builds life...'*you see the picture change to plants growing rapidly*
  16. "iand yet destroys...' *EARTHQUAKE* "Earth has been around for the longest of all.and it will never leave you!" And then you see...
  17. ...the inside of your eyelids. and feel Mark kiss you lightly on the cheek.
  18. You open your eyes and see Mark's face. You give him a hug and whisper, "Thanks for teaching me, Marklan." his eyes grow really wide and pulls away. he says "What did you call me?"
  19. "Um...Marklan's your name,right?" you ask. "Yeah but the only person who ever called me that was Patrick,Joan and ...." He looks at you,his eyes widen and yells, "Crap!"

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