a vampire love story part 3

This is part three in my "a vampire love story" quizzes. I am glad to hear about any comments or ideas you have for the next one. If there are characters you'd like me to think about adding, or twists to add to the story, I will be glad to hear them!

You wake up from your dream. You remember seeing a lone boy in your dream. He has black hair with bangs that cover one eye. A streak runs down his bangs. Don't forget Bryan, the Blonde haired, brown eyed athletic one, Chase the funny light hearted romantic one, Derek the smart one, and Alex the depressed one.

Created by: vampiregirl447

  1. You wake up in a cold sweat, you don't remember anymore about the dream, but you know that somehow it terrified you. You look around your room then read the clock, "2:30, really?" You ask yourself. You get dressed, and walk outside. You see a beautiful garden, with roses, lillies, and tulips. You see the ponds and the gorgeous koi in the water. "Hello." you hear a cool voice.
  2. "Who's there?" You exclaim. "Calm down, I'm not interested in hurting you." the voice answers calmly. You turn around and see the boy from your dream. He has dark black hair and bangs. The bangs cover one of his eyes, and it has a red streak. He has hazel brown eyes, but they slowly change color in the light. You stutter out, "Hello, I'm ______". He laughs, and says hello.
  3. You then ask, "what is your name though?" He thinks for a minute then says, "I go by many names, but you can call me Stone." Stone looks around the garden then says, "this place is so beautiful..." "Yeah," you answer. "Have you been here before?" He gains a serious look to his face. "Yes, I have been here many times." You turn around and look at the pond. You look back, and see that he is gone...
  4. You go inside, and find Alex staring out of a window. "Hello," You hear him say. "Hi." You answer back. "I'm guessing you want to hear about how I turned..." he whispered. "Yes, I'd like to." You answer back. "I was turned three years ago. I was in a huge city, and was looking for somewhere to stay. I found a small hotel like building. They offered me a room, and snuck in that night. They bit my neck, and I have been a vampire ever since. I was against it for the first year, I refused to believe it. But then I became weak, Derek found me and nursed me back to help." He answers quietly. "oh..." you reply. "I never wanted this..." He walked away after saying that.
  5. you walk around, then decide to go out in the woods. You see many animals, they all seem to stare at you, some even seemed to follow you. You see some flowers and go to pick them, all of a sudden you feel extreme pain in your head, like a spike is being driven into it. You close your eyes and fall into unconciousness...
  6. You wake up to see dark black eyes staring into yours. "Wake up! Wake up!" you hear a fuzzy voice saying. Your vision cllears up and you see that it is Stone. "What happened?" you ask. "The argretto sent a demon after you. He invaded your mind, and almost killed you.
  7. You look up at him, and
  8. "Are you ok?" You ask. "Yes." He asnwers in the same calm voice. "What did you do?" You question. "I attacked the demon, and destroyed it's body.' He answered again in the same tone. "I better get back to the cabin." you reply. "Yes you should, they are worrying about you." He answered this time he looked a bit upset....
  9. You go back to the house and see Alex, Bryan, Derek, and Chase. They all have worried looks on their face. "Where were you?" Chase demanded. "I was out in the woods." you answer wondering if they are mad. "Never go in the woods, there are... things out there. Dangerous things. If you go in there again, you might not come back..." Derek replied.
  10. "Ok," you answer. But you wonder if you will really listen to what they said. You look out the window, and see a lone wolf. The wolf is howling towards the moon.It is black, with a small red streak on his head...

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