Vampire In Different Worlds (Part 1)

Who are you? Only the greatest vampire, second only to Dracula, Serena Lunette Fangs, daughter of Dracula and a goddess. And your bound to get some attention, or a whole lot. HP and PJO Love Story.

Will you find your true 'Zing!' or be doomed to walk the earth alone forever? Don't judge me, this is my first quiz. Don't forget to read the other parts, and comment to give me great ideas! This is a love story, so if you don't like, don't read.

Created by: Vampy537

  1. You groan as you are waken out of your coffin. "Serena sweetie, it's time to go to school! I won't be taking you because I will burn, but good luck!" Your dad Dracula says in his similar Romanian accent. Vampires did originate from Romania after all. Oh, joy. School. Your mother had wanted you to go even though you have never seen her before. You rubbed sleep from your eyes and swung open the coffin lid while upside down. You floated down and realized the time. "Bat wings!" You cursed. You froze time and started to get ready. It took a whole lot of concentration to do that but sue yourself; you weren't going to hurry for such a ridiculous event. You started to sharpen your fangs and clean them. Once done, you rinsed your face; you had just fallen asleep and now you were getting waken up. You never sleep at night, just how things go. You stood in front of your mirror. Staring back at you was a weary vampire with brunette curls and side bangs, bright silver eyes that had specks of pink, glossy light purple lips with protruding fangs, and thick framed eyelashes that looked like mascara was used on it with a natural black eye line, making you look gorgeous. Your features came from both your mom and dad, and you quickly put on the school uniform. Ugh, the torture, though thankfully your dad got the black and purple ones.
  2. You unfroze time and put on contact lenses and sunscreen so you wouldn't burn up. Then swinging your new backpack over your shoulder, you headed off to high school. You got there in less than five seconds, after shapeshifting into a raven. Seeing as you were early, you headed to the office. Inside the office was a secretary with a friendly smile as she signed papers and did paperwork. "Hi, I'm Serena Fangs. I am new here," You stated. She smiled at you before taking in your features. "Your teeth!" She shrieked, pointing at your newly sharpened fangs. "Oh uh-" You thought of a story real quick.
  3. "Oh, alright" She studied you with a pitying glance. You refrained yourself from biting her. "I will ask someone to give you the tour around the school." She punches in a couple of numbers on the phone. A few conversations later, a boy burst through the door. He had sky blue eyes, sandy blonde hair, a slight tan, and a slight scar stretched across the side of his face. Truth be told, he was quite handsome, the scar only made it only more. "I'm here!" he yelled before skidding to a stop in front of the desk. "Mr. Castellen, I would like for you to give Miss Fangs here the tour around the school." The way she said it was more like stating a fact. He turned to look at you, and shock grew across his figures.
  4. He smiled at me after shock of my appearance, though he was really suspicious, I could tell. Why? I guess I'll have to find out.
  5. Throughout your classes, there seemed to be quite a number of boys flirting with you. While you were planning their deaths in your heads. During lunch, you had blood, squid eye sandwich, and fried spiders. ******You're Point of View****** Once lunch was over, I walked past Castellen's table. There were a few boys and girls. Some had black hair, green eyes, some had blue eyes, grey eyes and blonde hair, and the girl had kaleidoscope eyes and feather brown hair. Unfortunately, I dropped a fried spider, and the boy with blonde hair and grey eyes screamed so loud, someone across the world could hear it. All chatter stopped, you could even hear a pin drop. "Sorry." You mumbled while bending down to get it and threw it in the trash that was across the gym. Ping! It fell right bulls eye in.
  6. Anthony still looked terrified, but the others started to talk in hushed voices. I caught a few words like 'emposa' and 'kill'. I slouched down and walked out of the café. ******No one's Pov****** You really do NOT like school. Humans are so weird. You started to walk home once the day was over. Or you thought so.
  7. As you were walking home, you spotted the same group of kids with Luke walking towards you. You read parts of their minds and it said something about 'getting it over with' and 'better than when we aren't ready'. What?
  8. They started to take out swords. What? They are going to attack innocent little you? You know your exaggerating, but who kills someone just because they were born? They started to charge at me. I had to dodge some strikes. The one with black hair and blue eyes sliced open my stomach, and the girl with kaleidoscope eyes sliced open my knee top. I hissed in pain. I couldn't take it anymore, so I froze time right before a fatal blow hit me, and threw away their weapons. But I crumbled to the ground, time unfrozen again. I saw that they looked confused at their weapons, then saw me on the ground. "Seaweed Brain! She's not a Greek monster! If she was, she would have been integrated by now!" The gray eyed one yelled. "But she's not mortal either!" The one with SEA green eyes said.
  9. And that's about when I blacked out. Cliff hanger! How's my story so far?
  10. Like and comment please? Read my next one when it comes out?

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