The Final Breath

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Imagine a world where the regions are separated into three sectors, the Past, Present, and Future. Imagine if the Veil protecting those sectors collasped. Imagine the chaos and panic that will ensure. 1949 [PAST]: 16-year-old Vathe Withers lives in Hyson, and lives with her only relative living, her Grandmother. When the Veil explodes, her world has become shattered. [FUTURE]: Rhys Eckhert, a British-American, living in England in the near Future. All he wants is attention from his parents. [THEIR DESTINATION]: 1888: Both Present and Future will combine forces. They know they may not return to their homes. Three Worlds. Two Souls. One Place. Who will be the last to take their Final Breath?


Created by: Alleria
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  1. "WHAT IS the present without future or past?" My mother used to ask. No one had been able to answer her question. But now, here I stood in front of her grave, flowers in my hands and placed them down on the headstone. I gripped the medallion around my neck ever so slightly. "Miss you Mama," I whispered. I turned and began to walk back to the waiting car, which was still where I left it. Then I quickly settled in and started the engine. The buildings of the small town of Hyson, loomed over me, like a replica of New York City, the relections of skyscrapers in the car window making me wonder what it was like, the "Other Sides" as I called them. The year was 1943, and Hitler was dead, Germany's army had disminished. But the real tradgey was the millions of people that had lost their lives during the Great Genocide. I stepped into my dorm room, greeting my Grandmother. "Good morning, Grandmother," I called out. "Hello, my darling, Vathe," she'd would always reply, but this day she did not answer. That was the first thing that stuck out to me. She always answered back. I paused in my steps. "Grandmother?"
  2. My steps quickened as I dashed around the small house. "Grandmother?!" I cried out. She was the only person I had left. Besides... I shook my head away from that horrid thought. I rushed out into the balcony. Grandmother's rocking chair was there, along with her small, sleeping form. I breathed out a sigh of relief. I stepped closer, gently shaking her awake. "Grandmother? It's me, Vathe." Grandmother stirred her head, blinking her eyes a couple of times before she saw me. "Vathe? A strangest dream I had..." she said. "Come inside, Grandmother, before you catch a cold," I said. She shook her head, her white hair still perfect in her bun. In her old, wrinkled hands laid a quilt. A quilt my mother had made, before she died. "Vathe?" she asked. "Yes?" "How much do you know about the Others?" The Other Sides, she meant.
  3. "I don't know much about them, just that they are not meant to be Crossed..." I told her. I knelt down in front of her, as she took my hands in hers. Her brown eyes stared into mine as she tucked a strand of reddish-brown hair behind my ear. "Go to the Veil," was all she whispered. "Grandmother, who would be stupid enough to Cross over here?" I asked. Her eyes twinkled. "You never know."
  4. [RHYS' P.O.V] SOMEDAY IN THE FUTURE Learning to be British was harder than I had thought. Seeing as my parents were Americans, and they hadn't learned to adapt to the British culture since the day they first moved here, I was out of my luck. Then again, I am sitting on the roof after being told countless of times not to, it's not wonder my parents won't teach me. I'm a troublemaker. I don't nessesscary love it, but its a way for my parents to pay attention. The Veil shimmers with a glowing light in a far distance. It's a beautiful sight, one that can calm me of my nerves or whenever I need to take a breather. I stand, ready to go back inside, but then something stops me. I try to look closer but then I am thrown backwards as the Veil explodes and the world goes dark.
  5. Vathe (P.O.V) A loud explosion drew my attention away from Grandmother and I searched for the source. A column of smoke and green sparks of red ashes was billowing a few blocks away from the house. The Veil had exploded, but why? "Vathe. Go and check it out. Tell me what has happened when you. . ." Grandmother's eyes fluttered shut and her chest stilled. "Grandmother?" I shook her gently. "Grandmother? Wake up. Wake up." But deep down inside, I knew she would never wake again. Swallowing and resisting the tears that threatened to come forth, I grabbed the nearest rotary phone from inside and called for the medics. I headed inside, after placing Grandmother into her bed, with some slight difficulty, tucking her into her blankets. I bent down and kissed her forehead. "Goodbye, Grandmother. We'll see each other soon." I headed outside, hopped into my car, towards the direction that many other herds of civilians were running to.
  6. The Veil had never exploded before. I assumed it could only mean one thing: someone had Crossed over; someone who did not belong in this world. Or the other option was quite the opposite: someone from this Side had Crossed into one of the Others, the Past or the Future. Why would someone risk such a dangerous thing to do? As I neared the Veil, I exited my car, and pushed through the hord of civilians to get a closer look. It was a terrifying sight to see, I must admit. A long vertical jagged crack was emedded in the Veil, shooting off faint bright green sparks, like a rogue electric power cable. Sirens whooped through the air. "EVERYONE CLEAR THE AREA AND PLEASE RETURN TO YOUR HOMES! THIS IS THE REQUEST OF THE PRESIDENT OF UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT! I REPEAT, PLEASE RETURN TO YOUR HOMES!" The crowd around me scattered, almost immediately. I stared at the crack, then of my stupidity and curiosity, I touched it. "Ma'am!" I heard an officer shout to me.
  7. "I need you to back away from the -- " The officer continued slowly walking to me. Before he could finish his sentence however, the sidewalk underneath our feets began to crack and cave in. Without thinking, I slapped my hand against the Veil's crack. There was a bright light. . . A loud echoing scream. . . And the sound of rocks tumbling and crashing down. Then there was nothing.
  8. [Rhys' P.O.V.] There is screaming. Muted voices shouting, talking. Sirens shrieking. I remember the Veil exploding. Me being blasted through my house and hitting the cement, I should've died. The smell of smoke reaching my nostrils. . . I am being carried, I think, as I am swaying side to side floating. Something whizzing and emitting sparks. Why can't I wake? Wake up, I try to scream to myself. Wake up, Rhys! "Hold!" a male voice shouts. I feel myself being jolted to a stop, then lowered to the ground. A heat is blasting on me, but its not one of coolness or warmth. It is like energy. . . power. As if not my own, my eyes open, my body lurches forward, my hand slaps against the crack in front of me. There's rumbling and I fall back into unconsciousness.
  9. We have Crossed the Veil. . . There's no going back now.
  10. This is sorta the Prologue to The Final Breath. Read the results at the end of the quiz for a profile for Vathe or Rhys! I have many plans for this and hope you will enjoy! Please comment if you think this has potential or I should continue! Thanks for reading - Alleria

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