Bright Light in the Darkness Part Four

This is part four in my new series 'Bright Light in the Darkness'. Sorry to those who have been waiting for ages, I haven't had that much time on my hands, but now that it's here, Enjoy!

A girl of the age of 11 alone in a world of darkness, in which she is the only flame of hope. The Black King is searching for her, the rebels are protecting her, but she doesn't know a thing about her past, or her future.

Created by: GinnyGirl

  1. Lieing half buried in the dirt was a silver arrow. I stared at it, then shakily my hands reached out to pick it up. I brushed off some of the dirt, and my fingers brushed against something engraved into the arrow. I blew off the rest of the dirt and stared down at the arrow. Engraved on its side were the words 'Stay Strong, Little Candle"
  2. Leaning back, I closed my eyes and let the tears fall. It had been so long since I last cried, so the tears fell like rain. "Little Candle" I whispered. Thats what Lisinia always used to call me, because I was so interested in candles. Throught wet eyelashes, I kept digging. I found 9 more arrows. The tears had stopped by then and I could see clearly. I was about to go back to sleep, when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. Something, almost the exact same color as the dirt beneath my feet. It looked like wood, but I wasn't sure.
  3. Turning my head back around quickly, I began digging again, not caring that my hands were already caked in dirt. Gasping I pulled out a bow. It was covered in intricate carvings of Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Running my fingers over the length of it. It wasn't big, about from my head to a bit past my hip. I tested the string, surprisingly it still worked. Some of the carvings were painted with silver. Underneath the bow was a quiver, made out of leather and wood, with the same patterns as the bow. Looking up at the sky I thanked Lisinia, because these were hers, and she obviously thought it would aid me, which it will.
  4. Carefully, I put the arrows inside the quiver, slung it and the bow over my shoulder, and set out to get some more water and forage for food for breakfast, all traces of tiredness gone. I made sure to cover the entrance, then went to the lake to fill up the water bottles and hopefully be able to eat something other than roots and berries. Cautiously bending down low, I filled all three of the water bottles to the brim, and looked around, hoping to see maybe a bird or rabbit to put in my stores. Unfortunately, there was nothing. Disappointed, I headed back to the shelter, picking berries off nearby bushes.
  5. Checking to make sure there was no one nearby, I made a fire and picked up apiece of bark that looked vaguely like a bowl.I put some water into it, then lots of vegetables and a bit of chicken I had "borrowed" from a village a while ago. After Making a stand for the "bowl" with sticks so I didn't have to hold it, I got up and decided to practise shooting. Looking around for something to aim at, I fitted an arrow into the bow. I walked around for a bit, then decided to just draw a target on a tree. I Picked up a bit of chalkstone, and drew a target of the closest tree. Then, I walked about 5 or 6 metres away and took aim. It hit the target, only just though. As I slung another arrow my hand brushed against the word "Candle" and the arrowhead and nock went inside the silver shaft. Shrugging I took aim again. When I released the arrow, the head and nock of flew out of the shaft and hit the target, dead centre. My eyes widened. I experimented and took another arrow, touched the word candle and put it in the bow. This time I looked behind me with the bow and arrow pointing to the target. I fired. I turned and it was dead centre, the two ones I fired previously were surprisingly in my hand, not on the target. I put them back in the quiver and frowned. Something wasn't right.
  6. I bent over the fire and quickly put it out with a clump of damp dirt, then grabbed the makeshift bowl and rubbed off the target. After Making sure there were no signs that I had been there, I retreated into the roots, once again pulling the bush like branches over the hole. Peering through a tiny gap in the branches, I looked around in interest. I saw feet, one pair of human feet, about ten pairs of shadow-like feet. I waited until the footsteps had died down, then carefully pulled aside a leaf. Nothing.
  7. I cautiously pushed the "bush" aside. Quickly finding a bit of wood, which I carved into a spoon with an arrow, I ate the soup, then threw away the bark. It was delicious. Then I packed up camp and set off. I didn't really know where to go, but I've been traveling like that for ages. I'm used to it. I've learnt to have faith in myself. I walked off to the East, sub-consciously following the footprints of the person and the shadows.
  8. That afternoon, the scenery had changed dramatically. In stead of lush green grass and towering trees, it was wide open fields of tall, knee-high grass with orleander spread throughout it. Every now and then I would see a grey or black butterfly flying around, or a black and dirty yellow bee collecting pollen. Everything was dim. Maybe when this is all over, I can come back here, maybe build a small cottage. Sighing, I throw my stuff down. If this is ever over. Falling back onto the grass, I look up at the sky, the once white clouds now a light grey. I sit up and start to set up the tent. Once I finished I had a bite of bread, then walked off to explore.
  9. I kept walking till I found a tree. It was the only one for miles. I put my foot in a hollow it had and swung my other foot onto the branch above. Standing up carefully, I made my way across the branch to the trunk, where I found a foothold and pushed myself up onto the branch above. There, the branch was thick enough to sit on. Leaning back against the trunk of the tree, and closing my eyes, I breathed in deeply through my nose. The air smelt sweet, like it was covered in sugar. Opening my eyes, I looked around. It was beautiful here, almost as if this was a place where there was peace and harmony. But everything was dark. To dark. I sighed and looked up. I could see a dark, chocolate brown, squirrel sitting on a branch a bit above my head, and a nest a few branches above that. I jumped down from the tree, scaring a few butterflies and slowly walked back to the tent. When I reached it and looked inside, I saw that a little bluebird had somehow flown in and was frantically chirping. I guessed that it wanted to get back to it's nest and wondered if it was the one I had seen earlier.
  10. Outside the sun was beginning to set. Sighing, I began to pull out my sleeping bag. It's been a long day, and I felt extremely tired, like if anything else was to happen, I'd probably faint from exhaustion. After a quick glance outside, I slipped into the sleeping bag and closed my eyes. I was woken a few seconds later by a cool breeze, and the tweeting of a bird. I sat up and looked around in alarm. There, flitting in circles around my head was the little bluebird. I smiled. There isn't much company anymore, after.....the incidents. Then I remember. I put two facts together. I was woken by a cool breeze and the tweeting of the bluebird. The opening. Quickly, I crawled out of the sleeping bag and went over to the opening flaps, which were flapping in the breeze. I looked put into the night, giving the bluebird a chance to fly away, but it doesn't. I zip up the flaps and climb back into the sleeping bag. As I'm closing my eyes, The bluebird settles into my backpack and I can see it's bright blue, sapphire-like eyes watching me. The last thing I think before I fall asleep is that the little bird will watch over me. I'm woken hours later by a loud bang.

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