Eternal Nightmare part 5

Welcome to the fifth of the Eternal Nightmare Series. Hopefully you like it and will give me feedback at the end. I tried to make it a little more personal this time.

You are Sylvia the grey goddess and your powers are telepathy, force fields, controling plants, and light. You are trying to decide which boys will help you bring light or darkness to the land of eternal nightmares. If you have no idea what I am talking about take the other quizzes.

Created by: amethystfire

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  1. I felt you at CLIFFHANGER! You scream and jump out of the way as the ball of fire destroys your tent. Panicing you look around and see.... nothing.
  2. "What the heck just happened?" you ask the guys. Joseph looks at you with worried eyes but Zach answers. "It'll be back. That was a warning shot." "From what?" you almost scream. "What do you think?" asks Ethan grabbing your hand and pulling you along behind him. "But dragons aren't..." you start to say. Another ball of fire cuts you off and a huge smoking gold form appears in front of you.
  3. You take a huge breath and hold it so you don't hyperventilate. Okay, you think, I trained for this sometime in the distant past. The huge beast lowers it's head toward you and blows the a sparkling stream of orange gold fire. Joseph, Ethan, and Zach leap out of the way. "Look out," Joseph calls. At the last second you raise a force field. The flame is deflected around you. The dragon stops spitting fire. You create a force field around its head and it starts to choke.
  4. You decide not to kill the dragon. You let it pass out then take away the shield so it can breathe. Jospeh smiles and you know you just made him proud. Zach sorta grins at you but he mighta liked it dead. Ethan just looks happy that you're alive. "Come on," you say. "Lets go before it wakes up." The boys nodded and follow you through the maze. At first you try to keep track of the turns you make, but soon you are completely lost. Finally you reach a big open field and the boys start setting up camp. You want to help, but feel too tired. Instead you lay down and nap. You dream about
  5. When you wake up you are in a tent lying on soft pillows. You see a large shape sitting next to you and realize that it is Ethan. He looks happy to see you awake. "Listen, Sylvia," he said softly. "Where are Zach and Joseph," you interupt. "Out hunting," said Ethan surprised. "But Sylvia, I really need to tell you this. You're amazing. I've never met a girl like you and I want you to chose me to bring light to the realm." He leans in closer so his emerald eyes seem like colorful pools.
  6. Ethan puts his arms around your waist and presses his lips hard to yours. You are unsure how to react, but kiss him back because you don't know what else to do. He kisses you harder and you feel yourself start to melt (even if you don't like him). His hand touches your cheek tenderly. Your hands pull him closer to you. Ethan rolls so that you are laying on top of him without breaking the kiss.
  7. Suddenly you feel a horrified gasp. But it was in your mind. Quickly you stand up and look at Joseph standing with his mouth open looking like he is about to cry. Zach is next to him, for once not wearing his confident grin. His ice blue eye are frozen over. "Sylvia," whispered Joseph. Ethan moves to stand next to you. He puts his arm around your waist and says, "Come on guys we knew this would happen." You...
  8. Throw off Ethan's arm and run away. You feel tears in your eyes (either because you love him or because you kissed him) and they fall like diamonds to the ground. You run until your legs burn and you can't breath. You sit beneath a large tree you find. Suddenly you feel a prescence behind you. You hope it is
  9. Demon stands behind you. "What made you cry darling?" he asked in a falsely tender voice. He lifts you up with one hand under your elbow. "Leave me alone Demon!" you scream. His face clouds. "My name is Pierce." he says. You can't help laughing. "That's not very scary," you laugh. You laugh so hard your side begins to hurt. Suddenly Demon, opps I mean pierce, slaps you hard enough to make you fall to the ground.
  10. Pierce glares at you but suddenly picks you up and shoves you hard but not painfully against the tree. His hands grip your arms so you can't hit him or wrap you arms around him. He leans in and kisses you hard. You find that you like it. You start panting want to kiss him back but he's holding you too tightly. Suddenly Pierce is torn from your arms (or you from his)
  11. You see all three boys standing glaring at Pierce. "Sylvia, come on," calls Zach eaching for you. You run and grab his hand and suddenly find yourself back at camp with the others. "Are you alright?" demands Joseph. You realize you've never seen him act so confident. "I'm fine," you say. "But I don't suppose there's a way to speed up getting to the Temple of Control. "Well..." Etahn won't quite look at you.
  12. "There is a way," said Zach watching you with his normal cocky grin. "But we're really not supposed to use it." "Since this is sort of an emergency," said Jospeh, "We don't have much choice. Ethan summon the riddle light." Ethan turns and CLIFFHANGER!
  13. One more times. Who's your man?

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