How well do you know Spyro the dragon?

This quiz is based upon "The Eternal Night" from the Spyro series. I don't know if you'll find it hard or easy, or if you'll like it all, but it simply tests what you know about Spyro, and the Eternal Night.

If you think you know Spyro, or if you're curious if you do, or if you got borde on the internet, then take this quiz. Amusing, and a trustworthy result. You must have at least seen, or experienced one game of Spyro. If you don't know who Spyro is, then don't even try.

Created by: Skydragon
  1. Which of these elements does Spyro control?
  2. Who is Spyro going to rescue?
  3. What element does Cinder control?
  4. When does Cinder's evil side turn stronger?
  5. Who does not like Cinder?
  6. What awakens all the dragons in the beginning of the story?
  7. How many enemies does Spyro face in the arena?
  8. Who is Spyro's final face off, before this is disturbed, and they never face of?
  9. What allows for Spyro and Cinder's escape, eventhough Cinder gets taken?
  10. How many of those crabs are you faced of with in total?
  11. In the temple that Spyro ends up in, because he fell down, and fainted during their flight to the White Islands, what must Spyro proove?
  12. When he compleates this, who is he to face of with?
  13. What is special about Spyro, besides that he controls all four elements?
  14. What color of stones must Spyro collect, in order to charge up his spcial outburst of magic?
  15. Which element works against the snales with mounted creatures upon them?
  16. Which of these does Spyro NOT encounter on his way through the temple?
  17. Choose the right answer. In which order did Spyro obtain his elements, form first to last?
  18. What is Spyro's fire range attack?
  19. what is Spyro's ice range attack?
  20. What is the range attack of Earth?
  21. And finally, what is his ranged electricity?
  22. What is usually the look in Spyro's eyes, when he is setting into battle?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Spyro the dragon?