what dragon are you???

dragons may not be seen but that doesnt mean they arent there, we all have the mannerism of this dragon or that and sometimes a bit of two or three different dragons. i have used the four main dragon types, Earth, Fire, Air and Water. it cant be exact but it should describe you in a broad way.

what dragon are you? are you calm and level headed? hot-headed and impulsive, sneaky and intelligent or optimistic and in a world of your own...see for yourself with just thirteen easy questions/senario's.

Created by: Sally
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  2. your assignment is due today but you havnt done it you
  3. there is a fight, what do u do?
  4. someone is going out of there way to make you miserable, they tease you and spread rumors behind your back you
  5. you and your friend is in trouble you
  6. your long term b/f or g/f breaks up with you, you react by
  7. your long term b/f or g/f breaks up with you, you react by
  8. everything is going good in your life but you've become bored, what do u do?
  9. you have been outsmarted you
  10. do you
  11. a family member dies

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Quiz topic: What dragon am I???