How much do you know about Spyro and Cynder?

I have made Spyro quizzes in the past, but this one can tell me your inner dragon. I can tell you, and you can tell me if you are a Spyro Master, an Average, or if you are a Beginner. Have fun!

Are you the real Spyro Master? These questions can only be answered by the people who are REAL Spyro Masters. I hope that you can answer as many of these questions as you can correctly, but you cannot hide the truth!

Created by: Katie

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  1. What is the first level of Spyro Dawn of the Dragon called?
  2. How many dragons are there?
  3. What is the third enemy Spyro and Cynder fight?
  4. What elemental power does Cynder use right before entering the Enchanted Forest?
  5. What is the name of the Chief of Cheetah Village?
  6. Where is the second Elite Enemy located?
  7. What is the cheetah's name that Spyro and Cynder have to rescue?
  8. What is the last level of Spyro Dawn of the Dragon called?
  9. What color is Spyro's body, wings, and tail ornament?
  10. What dragon do you play in Spyro Dawn of the Dragon?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Spyro and Cynder?