How much do you know Spyro Dawn of the Dragon

This Quiz is about Spyro Dawn of the Dragon. This quiz will answer the question that's stuck in your head, Do I know lots about Spyro Dawn of the Dragon.

I hope you know lots about this game! I hope you get a high score! I really hope you love this quiz, acually I know that you will have fun!!! i really do know, a lot. You may even have someone else take it!

Created by: 949spyro

  1. What is the 2nd purple dragons name?
  2. What is the Dark Masters name?
  3. What is the black dragon's name?
  4. Do you get to fly?
  5. What's the Dragonfly's name?
  6. Do you think the questions are gonna get harder?
  7. What is the first level called?
  8. What is the Last level called?
  9. What game do you think i have?
  10. Is Spyro meant to put the world back together?
  11. What is the Cheetah's name that helps them?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know Spyro Dawn of the Dragon