Which dragon should you ride?

This is another quiz I decided to create. It was my boredom that modivated me, so it might be realy bad. The deal is, if you were a Rider in my stories, which would be most likely to be your dragon? Please rate and comment.

Cavateh, Symonta, Aravis, Siah, Aglass, Emandon, Cindra, Coleam, Scarriah, or Dawn? Smarts or force? Light or dark? Fierce or calm? To find out, just take this easy quiz. I hope you will enjoy it, because I hurt my head thinking of questions.

Created by: Skydragon

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  1. Are you stubborn?
  2. Select a color you would like your dragon to be.
  3. Would you want a very smart dragon?
  4. Would you want your dragon to be a good fighter?
  5. If you were in great danger, what would you want your dragon to do?
  6. Should your dragon be calm?
  7. Do you lead, or does your dragon? Or do you both follow some one else?
  8. Do you want to be individual, or would you enjoy comrades?
  9. Which type of eyes should your dragon have?
  10. Good or evil?
  11. Would you prefer to fly, enjoy nature, or swim on a clear day?
  12. When would you want your dragon around the very most?
  13. Would you fight in a battle against evil?

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Quiz topic: Which dragon should I ride?