Are You An Old School Biker?

There is a diverse community in the motorcycle world today. There are as many different people riding now as their are makes of motorcycles. Finding your place in this world is hard enough as it is. So here's a chance to better see where you fit.

Are you a true hard core rider or a part of the new breed that ride because it is the cool thing to do now? Do you Live to Ride and Ride to Live as long as it isn't over 50 miles.

Created by: The Geek
  1. What type of motorcycle do you prefer?
  2. What type of motorcycle organization are you affiliated with. Pick the one that best describes your current status.
  3. How many miles is a good Poker Run?
  4. How do you get your bike to bike week?
  5. Where can you be found drinking coffee the most?
  6. You are riding down the road and your gear shifter comes off and you didn't realize what that sound was six miles back on the interstate. What do you do.
  7. What is a 1%er
  8. True or False - The choice to wear a helmet should be left up to the biker, not the states.
  9. If you want to start your own Motorcycle Club and wear a 3 piece back patch what should you do before proceeding.
  10. If you prefer electric start to kick start it is because -
  11. What kind of bar do you prefer?
  12. Finish this song. I was drunk the day my mamma got out of prison and I went to pick her up in the rain, but before I could get to the station in my pick up truck _________________
  13. Who was David Mann best know for being.
  14. Do you support the soldiers of the US Military no matter what?
  15. The top piece of a motorcycle clubs back patch is referred to as.
  16. You got your last tattoo because.
  17. Chrome don't -
  18. If you pulled up to a rough biker bar on your bike and parked to go inside, you would most likely -

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Quiz topic: Am I An Old School Biker?