what are you at my school

schools all have different ways of labeling people some are good and some are bad, but most are the same really. now it's time to see what you would be labeled as in my school. you probably don't care but it would be interesting to see what people see you as in a different school. are you the same or are you different?

what would you really be in my school? there are different labels for instance in my school there are no preps or rich kids. But there are a lot of jocks.

Created by: imaFreakinRican

  1. you are late for class
  2. the teacher says that you must stay after for being late
  3. your done with after school
  4. you have a date with the girl of your dreams at the movies what do you see
  5. you go to bed at 3 in the morning and you have no school tomorrow
  6. it starts raining really bad
  7. there's a dance tonight
  8. someone brings alchohol
  9. you get drunk and you need to get home
  10. who's your friend

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Quiz topic: What am I at my school