Are you a school-lover?

In this world of ours, there's something called school. Some of us are totally crazy about it, some hate it, and some of us are okay with it. Everboday has an opinion about school. What's yours?

To find out, all you have to do is take this great quiz! Take a few moments, answer these twelve questions, and then you'll know! Get readay to answer! Check this out!

Created by: someperson
  1. Monday morning. Your first thought is?
  2. The holidays have ended. You enter school...
  3. Without school, life is...
  4. With school, life is...
  5. You love Sunday night, when you're in bed. (This question doesn't ask if you're sad about going to bed)
  6. You get rather bored at home, without the exciting atmosphere of school.
  7. You've got a wish, but you need to wish something to do with school!
  8. Yahoo! The afternoon of the last day of school!
  9. Imagine that the days of the weeks are girls. Who would be more popular- Saturday or Tuesday?
  10. Do you like school?

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Quiz topic: Am I a school-lover?