So you think you're a Dog lover!

Many people think just because they own a dog or have so and so many dog collectabl items they are true dog lovers. They are totally wrong. Being a dog lover means knowing things about your dog. So whats you doggy smarts?

So do you think you are a dog lover! Do you know your Chiwawas from Great danes! Take this quizz and prepare to discover the secret life of DOGS (mwahahahah!)

Created by: hannah

  1. When did the first dogs in the world appear?
  2. What dog has a blue toungue?
  3. Can you give your dog tid-btis from the table?
  4. What dog from below doesn't exist?
  5. Where does the Borzoi come from?
  6. What dogs from below were used to hunt wolves?
  7. Once two rich men raced a Greyhound and a Cheetah- What do you think happened?
  8. WHat kind of dog was Greyfreyer's Bobby?
  9. What dog from below cannot bark?
  10. How many breeds of Dahunds are there?
  11. What dog from below is not real?

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