Are you a Bouvier?

the Bouvier Family is one of highest stature in the community. Do you have what it takes to be accepted into the fold? Do you have the enviable traits which make up a Bouvier? A true Bouvier?

Many folks will take the test but only a handful will truly be deemed worthy of the name "Bouvier". Please note this quiz is not authorized in any way to grant you permission to ever use the Bouvier family name in any capacity whatsoever. So don't you even try it, bub.

Created by: Ophelia Uppe Bouvier

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  1. Have you ever been arrested and jailed for any significant amount of time (over 2 hours) and did you proposition the jail attendant in an effort to escape?
  2. What kind of cocktail do you prefer?
  3. Have you ever stabbed anyone?
  4. Have you ever divulged a secret after being sworn not to?
  5. The house is on fire! What do you rescue?
  6. Who's your favorite?
  7. Do you live in a trailer?
  8. If you could visit anywhere on vacation...
  9. Have you ever stole money?
  10. Do you sing?
  11. Which would you rather eat?
  12. Are you religious?
  13. Have you ever had the urge to wear a dress, rat up a big old wig, paint yourself up like trash and go out in public?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Bouvier?