How Compatible Are You & Your Lover?

Love it a big word. So big that you have to use it with care and not say it to just anyone. Love is something so powerful, it should conquer anything and everything life throws at it. Do think your love is strong enough to conquer all like its supposed to?

Think you and your lover have what it takes? Dare to take the quiz that will take everything to its limits? Thanks to this quiz, you can find out whether you and your lover are the real thing or just some pointless little fling.

Created by: Love Test

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  1. Can you see yourself with your partner in 3 or more years time?
  2. Does your partner give you gifts on a regular basis?
  3. Do you and your partner often argue?
  4. Do you both like the same things? Eg music, movies, books?
  5. Despite the differences between you two, would your partner still go and see/listen to something they didn't like with you?
  6. Do you ever think they're just too similar/different to you that it can be overwhelming (in a bad way) sometimes?
  7. Would you die for them?
  8. Do you believe in True Love? And if you do, do you think they could the real thing?
  9. How big is the age gap between you two?
  10. Can your partner "please"/"pleasure" you?
  11. Do you honestly believe you and your partner a very compatible?

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Quiz topic: How Compatible am I & my Lover?