Who's your fictional Lover? Out of Ally's top 3!

Who's your Fictional Lover? This quiz is for girls only - unless your into guys - thats also fine. Ally has her top 3 favourite fictional lovers - and she wants to know which one you out there, are compatible with!

The Candidates are: Edward Cullen Sasuke Uchiha Edward Elric I tryed to make this quiz as accurate as possible, with my knowledge of the characters. It's only 21 questions, why not have ago! H

Created by: Ally
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  1. What is the first thing you notice in a guy?
  2. What are the best qualities in a guy?
  3. A guy catches your eye - What is he doing?
  4. He notices you staring at him - he then....?
  5. You decide to go over and introduce youself - how does he act?
  6. Your the last to leave the class room, packing up your things. You see a jacket sitting on a chair and pick it up with the intention of taking it to 'lost and found'. As you walk out the door - another person walks in slaming into you knocking you over - what happens next?
  7. He then notices the jacket - and tells you it's his. You say that you were planning on taking it to 'Lost and Found'. He then......?
  8. Ok back to you - If you were with a guy, would it bother you that other girls hated you or are jelous of you?
  9. Do you prefer Outgoing or Reserved Type?
  10. What kind of values would your guy have? Old fashioned of Modern?
  11. Would your guy be easy to talk to?
  12. Do you come first in his life?
  13. Discribe his looks -
  14. Being with him, is there a risk of ever being hurt?
  15. Discribe the relationship?
  16. Does your guy having a dangerous side excite you?
  17. If you were to brake up - what would be the most likely reason?
  18. You make a passing comment, to your suprise it offended your guy - what did you say?
  19. Final question! Ok, honestly - what do you want to do>?

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Quiz topic: Who's my fictional Lover? Out of Ally's top 3!