What Spy Universe do you Belong in?

Spies. They are who keep our countries' secrets and keep us safe without us knowing. Their exploits color our imagination like perhaps no other profession has. From Bond to Austin Powers, our culture has been facinated by spies since the dawn of the civilized world.

Haven't you ever wondered what fictional spy universe do you belong in ? What fictional spy or spies you most are like? How you would defeat the villan and save the world? Well now you can find out thanks to this spectacular cloak and dagger quiz.

Created by: George
  1. Who are your ideal hero(s) and/or heroine(s)?
  2. What intelligence agency do you work for?
  3. How do you get your orders?
  4. You're surrounded by the enemy while out on a mission. What do you do?
  5. How's your love life.
  6. Where do you primarily conduct your missions?
  7. Who is your primary adversary?
  8. What is your mode of transport?
  9. How is your favorite actor/actress?

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Quiz topic: What Spy Universe do I Belong in?