Are you a real Greyhound?

There are many students who went through Valley's doors over the many years, but how many can actually be called a Greyhound? How many can remember the simple things that happened within the schools walls that mean nothing in academics but means everything in the memories that we took away.

Do you consider yourself a Greyhound? Take the test and find out? If you do good you can forever proclaim your "greyhoundism" ( yes I just came up with that word so go screw yourself). If you do bad, then you can just tell everyone you did well and feel guilt for not using your time at Valley well.

Created by: Becki

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  1. Who might call you a "mugface"?
  2. What club do you have to be a part of to win Ms. or Mr. Chein Gris?
  3. Finish this line: "Between the lofty mountains,......"
  4. What was the reptilian friend that lived down third hall for many years?
  5. Down second hall, who is hiding in the murals, waiting for you to find him?
  6. How many times do you actually say the letter "V" in the "Valley Cheer"?
  7. Who is a Satan?
  8. Who wears short shorts?
  9. Who seemed to be the "favorite actress" of almost every senior class?
  10. Which one of these "spirit week" days was always on Friday?
  11. What does AA mean?
  12. Who never laughs at his own damn jokes?
  13. In the play "The Great High School Who Dunnit", Benda played Coach R. F. Stone. What did the R stand for?
  14. Who played Alice in the "Alice in Wonderland Play".
  15. What is Valley's news station called?
  16. What food ALWAYS goes with Pizza?

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Quiz topic: Am I a real Greyhound?