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  • Um first of all I wasn't talking about a "chiwawa" it's a Chow Chow and it's a real breed of dog with a blue tounge- Look it up. Maybe YOU should know YOUR facts before making such a accuzation! And spelling doesn't matter why are you like so angry. I just made this quiz for fun! Honestly!

  • What the hell does my knowledge on dogs have to do anything with my love for dogs?! This quiz really sucked. 2/10 stars even though I voted a one star just to bring it's rating down as low as possible.

  • "chiwawa" get the f--- out of here, besides you dont have to know everything about dogs to be a dog lover, learn how to spell and know your facts before you try to make a quiz about dogs talking about some "chiwawa"...and p.s. its "dachschund"


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