What the Bible does and does not say.

Most of us do not read our Bibles and listen to what it is telling us. I myself just took the words of sunday school teachers for a very long time in my life. this test will show you where you rank in knowing what it really does and does not say about some issues.

Now you are about to find out how much you know about the Bible. I welcome any comments if you feel my quiz is wrong in any way. May you have fun and enjoy these next few moments.

Created by: M
  1. The rapture is mentioned in which book(s)?
  2. Who is Lucifer?
  3. Who took off his clothing and kissed his friend?
  4. What is "Hell"?
  5. When is judgment day?
  6. How many days did Jonah live in a fish?
  7. When was woman created?
  8. What creature has a tail like a tree?
  9. Ezekiel 23:19-20 talks about?
  10. What does the Bible say about marriage?
  11. Did Moses part the water and walk on dry land?
  12. What is the mark of the Beast?
  13. Why did the goats get put on the left side of Jesus?
  14. Which of the following is not a sin?
  15. What was so wrong about "spilling of seed"?

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