A test for christians

This is a test to explore your knowledge of the Bible and of science. The Bible is either absolute truth, or completely false there is no in-between answers, only you can decide. Answer honestly.

If you scored high on this test, it means that you have very little common sense and cannot think for yourself and would prefer for someone else to tell you what the Bible says.

Created by: Steven Bentley of no more fake gods
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  1. The Bible god created the heavens and the earth in just six days.
  2. An all powerful god that can create things has to rest every seven days.
  3. The names Adam and Eve are common names used all through out the population of the middle east.
  4. A woman has one less rib than a man has.
  5. A serpent or snake can talk.
  6. To rid the world of evil, the Bible God chose Noah and his family to build a boat and load it with all the animals and flooded the earth.
  7. The plan to eliminate all evil by flooding the earth worked great and was a brilliant plan.
  8. The same god that created the universe also created all evil.
  9. Rainbows are caused by the reflection of light in water molecules.
  10. In Genesis, Sodom and Gomorrah (the wicked city) was built soon after the flood.
  11. God came back to kill Moses, so his wife cut off his sons foreskin and saved his life.
  12. A child born out of wedlock, shall not enter the congregation of the Lord for ten generations.
  13. The amount of time to create the Hawaiian Islands at the height they are today, was 40 approximately million years.
  14. Dinosaurs, once roamed the earth.
  15. Some Dinosaur bones are dated to be around 65 million years old.
  16. Suns are stars that can produce tens of thousands of degrees of heat.
  17. Our Sun,(revolves around the earth), every day.
  18. A star (Sun), stood over and directed the three wise men as to where Jesus was born.
  19. Jesus' father was known as Joseph.
  20. Donkeys are known to talk.
  21. The New Testament was written 50 - 100 years after Jesus' death.
  22. The original authors of the New Testament are basically unknown.
  23. Jesus was murdered.
  24. The days of the week are named for famous Biblical leaders.
  25. The days of the months are named for famous Biblical leaders.
  26. According to Corinthians, 14:34 a woman is to remain silent in church.
  27. Neither a god nor Jesus wrote one word of the Bible.
  28. According to the New Testament, Jesus saves all sinners that lie, cheat, steal, adulterers, rapers, murderers from hell, except he does not save anyone who does not believe in him.
  29. Diseases are caused by demons and witch spells.
  30. The Bible was written by very intelligent sheep herders, over 2000 years ago.
  31. The names, Mark, Matthew, Luke, John, Mary, Joseph, Jesus are of middle eastern origin.
  32. There is no such thing as Angels, Demons, Devils, Heaven, Hell, Ghosts, Spirits, God or Jesus.
  33. If you had as much faith as a mustard seed, you could move a mountain.
  34. A christian can drink poison and handle poisonous snakes and no harm will come unto them.
  35. The Bible is a book that is not meant to be taken literally nor seriously.
  36. Why do you think Christianity is called a belief instead of a fact?
  37. If god can make perfect people like Jesus, then why didn't he make them in the first place?
  38. If I kill a group of people I didn't like and changed my name and then told you I had a vision of Jesus, would you label me as a Saint?

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