Bible Brain Buster

There are many things that most people, even non-Christians and non-Jews, know about the Bible; however, most do not know the finicky details that real, perhaps obsessive, Bible scholars know.

Are YOU such a scholar? Do you know how the Bible is laid out, which books teach what, and where the major doctrines may be found? This quiz will give you a chance to find out!

Created by: Wayne B. Houseknecht
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  1. How many different books are there in the entire bible, as counted by most Protestant faiths?
  2. Eve sinned by:
  3. Adam sinned by:
  4. Adam compounded his sin by:
  5. Moses was forbidden to enter the holy land because of:
  6. Joshua commanded the sun to stand still:
  7. The LORD is called a fortress in:
  8. The last ruler of the Northern Kingdom of Israel was:
  9. The books of the Prophets in the Hebrew Scriptures number:
  10. Moab, the father of the Moabites, was the son of:
  11. Abraham's first son was by:
  12. God fulfilled a prayer for extended life to King:
  13. The last three books of the Law, in order, are:
  14. The prophecy that the enemies of Jerusalem will have their eyes dissolve or melt in their sockets is found in:
  15. The Mount of Olives in mentioned in:
  16. The Beatitudes number:
  17. The Fruits of the Spirit listed by Paul number:
  18. Which sin is NOT mentioned by Paul in Galatians 5?
  19. The second beasts mentioned coming out of the sea in Daniel and Revelation are, respectively:
  20. That God is love is proclaimed by John in:

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