Do You Know Your Bible?

This quizzes mission is simple: to show you how much of the Bible really you know. Are you a totally clueless about what the Bible says, do you know all of the Bible or in between them both? Ask yourself that question.

Think you are the best? Wish you knew more? Than take this quiz and find out! At the end I have put all the references for the answer in the Bible, to make sure I had it right!

Created by: Jay
  1. How many days was God's creation?
  2. Who was the eldest son of Abraham?
  3. Who did God tell Abraham to slay?
  4. About How long was Noah and his family in the ark?
  5. Who tricked Esau into giving the inheritance to him?
  6. Who walked on "Jacobs Ladder"?
  7. How many sons did Jacob Have?
  8. How much was Joseph sold for?
  9. How many years of famine was in Israel under Joseph's rule?
  10. Who's sack had the silver cup?
  11. Finish this sentence "Moses as a baby was put in a basket made from an...
  12. What was Paul's birth name?
  13. Which one is not a son of Noah?
  14. What city is Jonah most known for visiting?
  15. Who was Hannah's husband?
  16. How many men did Gideon use in battle?
  17. Which of these men "Walked with God"?
  18. Finish the verse "For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him... John 3:17
  19. What was his position in Egypt after interpreting the king's dream?
  20. What disciple betrayed Jesus?
  21. How many disciples were there?
  22. Yes or No, Jesus died at age 30?
  23. Who was sent into the lions den?
  24. Who was Ezra's father?
  25. Who was the oldest man ever?
  26. How old was he?
  27. How long was Jonah in the whale?
  28. What is the last word of the Bible?
  29. After His death, how many days till Jesus was resurrected?
  30. Before the resurrection, what was Jesus's last words?
  31. What was created on the third day of creation?
  32. Where was Moses buried?
  33. Who was in charge of Israel after that?
  34. What is not a "Fruit of the Spirit" in the King James Version?
  35. What book of the Bible contains "The Love Chapter"?
  36. Who killed his brother?
  37. What is the third book of the Bible?
  38. What did Jesus use to feed the four and five thousands of people?
  39. Who killed Goliath with just one stone?
  40. How did John the Baptist die?

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