So You Think You Know the Bible?

Thank you for stopping by to take this quiz! This is a pretty simple quiz based on the O.T. books of the Bible. If you love the Bible and find it interesting as we do, we think you will like this. It is pretty simple and standard.

Are you Bible Genius? Or do want to be? These questions will wet your appetite for the harder ones to follow. Try your best to reach 100%. If you read at all or remember your Sunday School days, you should no problem!! Enjoy!

Created by: Gina Sutton
  1. How many books make up the Holy Bible?
  2. What does the word "Genesis" mean?
  3. What book tells the stories of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs?
  4. In the beginning, what did God create?
  5. Noah was a "just" man according to who?
  6. Enoch walked with God and then.....?
  7. When Moses was a baby, he was stolen by an Egyptian Princess and forced to be her son.
  8. How many years were the Hebrews enslaved by the Egyptians?
  9. "The Passover" was the night that God's death-angel "passed over" those that had what above their doors?
  10. The Shammah is found in what book of the O.T.?
  11. Was it the Sun or the earth that Joshua asked God to "still"?
  12. Who was Israel's first King?
  13. Who wrote most of the Psalms?
  14. How old was Josiah when he began his reign as King?

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