New Testament Survey

Exactly what is IN the Bible? There are some fun quizzes floating around that quiz you on the history of the Bible, but this one endeavors to test your knowledge of the content of the New Testament. No Bible memorization necessary!

This quiz is based on my notes from "New Testament Survey" with Dr. Paul Benware at Moody Bible Institute in 1991. The quiz covers the New Testament, with a heavy emphasis on the content of gospels and the life of Christ.

Created by: Gioia
  1. When was Christ born?
  2. Christ's Ministry lasted approximately from:
  3. In the century before Christ's birth, how many other men had claimed to be the Messiah?
  4. Matthew's Gospel was directed at what audience?
  5. Matthew used 53 direct quotes from the Old Testament to establish:
  6. The Gospel of Mark is primarily focused on the Lord's:
  7. Luke is known as:
  8. The feeding of the 4,000 was mentioned in how many of the Gospels?
  9. Christ's Ministry was based on:
  10. Christ was put on trial before:
  11. How many RECORDED appearances did Christ make AFTER his death and resurrection?
  12. What was the largest group Christ appeared to after His death and resurrection?
  13. Christ's ministry continued how long after his death and resurrection?
  14. The "Speaking in Tongues" at Pentacost was:
  15. Prior to his conversion, Paul (known as Saul) was best known as:
  16. The term "tent-maker" is used in the modern church in reference to:
  17. Regarding slavery, Christ and the early church leaders:
  18. The book of Revelations:

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