The REAL "Are You Jersey?" Quiz

Don't you hate people that try too hard to be someone that they're not? Someone that swear they hard, but couldn't bust a grape in a fruit fight? Well I came up with this quiz because I saw a "Are you Jersey" quiz on someone's Mysace page...Who ever came up with that survey probably lives in South Jersey are NOT Jersey!!!

This is the "Real" survey-take this & show me what you got!...It's not a long a** 45 question survey, it's a quick 13 question quiz...This quiz will be quick & easy if you are REALLY Jersey...

Created by: shakia banks
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  1. Is East Orange & Newark apart of New Jersey having the reputation of being the carjack capital?
  2. Liberty Int'l Airport is where in Jersey?
  3. Liberty Int'l Airport was once called...
  4. What part of Jersey are you from?
  5. Have you ever eaten a Cooper's sandwich?
  6. Do/Did you live 10-15 minutes from New York City?
  7. New Yorker's like to come shop here because of no taxes...
  8. What's the nickname for East Orange?
  9. What's the nickname for Newark?
  10. I can see New York City from Beth Isreal Hospital In Newark...
  11. Would you rather say "I'm going to the City" or "I'm going to New York City"?

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Quiz topic: The REAL "am I Jersey?" Quiz