You know you live in New Jersey

New Jersey is a very exceptional place to live. We have it all! The ocean, the mountains and the good old Pine Barrens we even have the Jersey Devil now how many people can say that. When you live here you are proud to say I'm from New Jersey! When you go to another state you say no I'm not from New Jersey (just kidding).

So how much do you know your state? New Jersey is a wonderful state to live in, sometimes it is crappy to live in but we Jerseyans love it and don't want to leave it if we don't have to. Go ahead and take this quiz, and see just how well you know New Jersey.

Created by: Autumn
  1. When at least two people in your family know the town Jon Bon Jovi and Sabastion Bach are from.
  2. You know your from Jersey when... You don't think of fruit when people mention "The Oranges"
  3. A good, quick breakfast is a hard roll with butter?
  4. You've known the way to Seaside Heights since you were 10 years old.
  5. You've eaten at a diner, when you were stoned or drunk, at 1:00am
  6. You know what a "Jug Handle" is.
  7. You live at least 5 mins from a Wawa.
  8. You know your from New Jersey when you refer to people in the summer as "Shubee's"
  9. You get excited when your watching channel 12 and they give a shout out to your town.
  10. You live within 10 mins from a Walmart, Home Depot, Target or a Kohls.
  11. You know you live in New Jersey see a car with the sticker Exit 63 on it.
  12. You know that a "White Castle" is the name of BOTH a fast food chain and a fast food sandwich.
  13. You know that it's called "Great Adventure" not Six Flags.
  14. You know when you get lost in New Jersey you look for signs for the "Parkway or RT.9".
  15. You know if your driving out in no mans land there is always a sign for Camden.
  16. You refer to all the highways and interstates by their numbers.
  17. You don't consider Newark or Camden to actually be part of the state.
  18. You've had a boardwalk cheese steak and vinegar fries.
  19. You know your from New Jersey when... people ask you were are you from you say North Jersey, Central Jersey or South Jersey.
  20. You refer the New Jersey's beaches as "the shore" not beaches.
  21. You know that people from the 609 area code are a little different " Yes they are!
  22. You know that Monopoly's property on the playing board are actually named after streets in Atlantic City.
  23. You know that New Jersey is famous for Jersey White Corn, Jersey Red Tomatoes and Cranberries. The best around.
  24. Your grandparents tell you stories about Palisades Park or Steel Pier.
  25. You start planning you Memorial Day weekend in January.
  26. You've been to all of these places, Asbury Park,Seaside Heights, Long Beach Island, Atlantic City, Ocean City, Wildwood and Cape May.
  27. You know you live in New Jersey when... you pronounce Forked River as Forkett River.
  28. When you smell a rotten egg smell it's not your bodily functions it's low tide.
  29. You call taylor ham by its New Jersey name "Pork Roll"
  30. When in your town you live at least 5 mins from 5 pizza places, 4 chinese places and a McDonalds.
  31. You've heard stories around the camp fire of the Jersey Devil and when you got old enough you and a bunch of friends went to look for him.
  32. Jumping in your car with a few friends and getting lost out in the woods are fond memories.
  33. And Finally.... You NEVER EVER pump your own gas!

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