How South Jersey Are You?

there are many people that believe they are south jersey. there are even many people that could fool some body to believe that they are south jersey people. but we can spot them from a mile away and we know who is south jersey. we are like no other place in the world.

are you truely a south jersian? do you not only know about south jersey but do you live it and breathe it... do you love south jersey. take this quiz and find out

Created by: mike
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  1. How bad do you hate north jersey?
  2. how many times a day do you go to WAWA?
  3. how late do you sleep in during the summer?
  4. how often a week do you go to the beach in the summer?
  5. Have you ever or do you work at the lobster house
  6. does one of your parents ever dated a friends parent when they were in high school
  7. do you know someone who has or did you have a moped
  8. have you gone to college and dropped out within the first year because you partied too hard?
  9. Do people look at your wierd when you say certain words and think you have an accent?
  10. shoobies are....
  11. what is your favorite place in south jersey
  12. how many cops do you know in cape may
  13. bike cops are

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Quiz topic: How South Jersey am I?