Transcendentalism Nature Survey

You may think you know your classmates, but do you really understand their true nature? Take this Transcendental Nature Survey and find out! By taking this survey, you will not only learn more about us, but you will also learn how well you know your classmates.

Choose the person who you think best fits the description given in the question. Try your best to answer each question correctly because the winner will be given a prize. Let's see how well you know your classmates!

Created by: Nature Survey
  1. Who is like Tim "the Toolman" Taylor, Bill Cosby, and Oprah Winfrey?
  2. Whose personality is similar to Stephen Hawking and John F. Kennedy?
  3. Who has the same personality as Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Ghandi?
  4. Who has the same personality as Bill Clinton, Frank Sinatra, and Martha Stewart?
  5. Who has the same personality type as Robert E. Lee, William Howard Taft, and Kristi Yamaguchi?
  6. Whose future occupation should be a psychologist or a counselor?
  7. Who would excell as an entrepreneur, a lawyer, or a librarian?
  8. Whose ideal career would be education, social work, or health care?
  9. Whose ideal job is dressmaking and design, fashion design, or fitness and nutrition?
  10. Who should major in education, management, or fashion merchandising?
  11. Who enjoys being in charge and is a hard worker?
  12. Who is an idealist with abstract thought and speech?
  13. Who jumps from thought to thought in conversation?
  14. Who is a methodical and accurate worker with a good memory?
  15. Who is a perfectionist with a seemingly endless capacity for improving upon anything that takes his/her interest?
  16. Who loves people, excitement, and having fun?
  17. Who feels uncomfortable in positions of authority?
  18. Who considers extreme emotions to be vital to a full life?
  19. Who is extremely sensitive to the feelings of others?
  20. Who can be quite ruthless in implementing effective ideas?

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