What element of the nature are you?

What element of nature are you like? Find out now by taking this quiz! It will only take a few minutes to do so! I have listed only 7 kinds out of them. Enjoy it!

This quiz also reflects on your personality. Take it, and find out what kind of person you are! If the results are not accurate, I'm terribly sorry. Hope you've enjoyed it, at least.

Created by: Chrome

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  1. When you are asked for suggestions in a group, you___________________________.
  2. Where do you usually hang out?
  3. When you face a challenge, you____________.
  4. You are invited to a group outing. You________.
  5. How will you respond if the most important person of your life told you something that made you touched?
  6. When given orders, what do you do?
  7. When you are asked to sacrifice yourself for your loved ones, what do you do?
  8. What is your favourite weapon?
  9. What is your favourite animal?
  10. What is your personality?

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Quiz topic: What element of the nature am I?