are you wind Rain or fire

Have you ever wondered what the after life would be like?here's your chance to see if you could become a force of nature and what it would be ? Do you think you would be as flowing as the wind , or as peaceful as the river, of as dramatic as the fire?

Have you ever thought about being a force of nature?if you have and considered what you want to be then look here and see if that's what you'll actually be!(if you were a force a nature

Created by: Tristan
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. when some one jokes about you you react by doing
  2. are you emo, hippy,or just yourself
  3. The guy/ girl of your dream tells you they love you what do you do?
  4. what do you do in your spare time
  5. what do you think you look like? (random)
  6. what do you think the results are going to say?
  7. whats your fav animal
  8. how far can u count
  9. in the future you want to live
  10. do you like this quiz

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Quiz topic: Am I wind Rain or fire