How Well Do You Know the Bible?

Many people say that they know the bible and that there's really nothing too hard about it...they may be right & they may be wrong. Here are a few questions just to see if you know a little of what I know.

Ok get might want your Bible too. It will help you. Yes all the answers are in it. There are no trick questions. Give it your best shot & don't forget to pray.

Created by: Lindsey R Aldrich
  1. What is the 7th book of the Bible
  2. What is the first commandment that we are given in the Ten Commandments?
  3. Which commandment is the first commandment that has a promise to go with it?
  4. Who wrote the book of Revelation?
  5. In what book is the verse "Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosover is deceived thereby is not wise."?
  6. How many days was it after Jesus died that he rose from the dead?
  7. "Whosoever will come ________ me, let him _______himself, and take up his _______, and _________ me."
  8. What is the last word of the longest book in the Bible?
  9. What book of the Bible has the "Faith Chapter"?
  10. How many books are in the Bible?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know the Bible?