The Pastor's Bible Quiz

You think you know God's Word? Let's find out. This is not your typical Bible quiz with only one really plausible answer. You might have to think about this or even be tempted to get your Bible out. Are you brave enough to take this quiz without a Bible by your side?

O.K. So, you have taken other Bible quizzes and was told you were a "genius." Care to try again? This is not your normal quiz. Challenge your mind and see if you can master this pastor's quiz.

Created by: Pastor Bobby of Calvary Baptist Church
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  1. Which really came first, the chicken or the egg?
  2. How many years did the first three kings of Israel serve?
  3. Where were followers of Christ first called Christians?
  4. Who was King David's best friend?
  5. How many days did Noah and his family stay on the ark?
  6. Which book of the Bible talks about an animal that closely resembles a fire-breathing dragon?
  7. What was Amos' occupation before God called him?
  8. What island was John on when he wrote his final epistle?
  9. What does the word "holy" mean?
  10. Which one of these is not a name of God?
  11. Which religious group in the New Testament did not believe in the resurrection?
  12. Who wrote the book of Ecclesiastes?
  13. Who rejoices when a sinner repents?
  14. Which of these was not one of the Old Testament judges?
  15. How long is the 70 weeks of Daniel?

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