SWORD DRILL!!! Bible Quiz

There are some Bible Quizzes out there. But they're usually not very hard and/or the answers are easy to figure out via a process of elimination. This one won't be easy; this one'll make you run crying to your youth pastor.

Think you can pass a real Bible Quiz? Get ready for SWORD DRILL!!! Bible Quiz 2007! It's not really a sword drill (that's when you have to look up Bible verses really fast) but SWORD DRILL is too funny a phrase to not use on a quiz like this.

Created by: Jenny of Steeples & People
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  1. All right, here's a softball. How many sons did Jacob have?
  2. Another easy one: how many books are there in the Protestant Old Testament/Jewish Tanakh?
  3. What was the name of the prostitute who helped Joshua's spies and therefore survived the destruction of the city of Jericho?
  4. When Joseph first found out Mary was pregnant, what did he originally plan to do?
  5. Approximately how old was Jesus when the Wise Men came to visit him?
  6. What was the name of Abraham's oldest son?
  7. When the sons of Jacob left Canaan and went to live in Egypt, in what region of that country did they live?
  8. In his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus says: "Blessed are the meek..."
  9. In the book of Esther, King Xerxes chooses the titular woman as his queen. But he had a queen before Esther, Queen Vashti, who was deposed. Why?
  10. After he killed Goliath, what did David do?
  11. Who baptized Jesus?
  12. The Bible has lots of name changes. Paul, the guy who wrote most of the New Testament, had a different name before his conversion. What was it?
  13. Elijah confronted 450 prophets of which false god?
  14. What is the final book of the Christian Bible?

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