Bible and Astrology

Many people have a Bible, but not many know what the Bible says about this important topic. The Bible has several things to say about astology. Is it good or bad? Test your knowledge to find out.

Do the stars proclaim the gospel? What can you gain from the zodiac? See if you are a real student of the Bible here in this interesting factual quiz. Go ahead. Go for it, professor!

Created by: Richard
  1. What is the Zodiac?
  2. The Bible has several good things to say about astrology?
  3. Aside from God's revelation, fortune telling is specifically prohibited throughout the Bible.
  4. Astrology has no power of prediction.
  5. God did not institute astrology, but at the same time did not judge his people for practicing it.
  6. The New Testament condemns astrology.
  7. The heavens proclaim the gospel, because they declare the glory of God in Psalms.
  8. The apparent arrangement of the stars in the heavens are signs given to us to confirm Biblical truth.
  9. Studying the stars to attempt to get some message from them is called astronomy.
  10. Astrology is expressly forbidden in the Bible.

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