How well do you know Egyptian Astrology?

How well do you know about the rarely studied subject of Egyptian Astrology? Gathering information from it and creating a quiz on it is not an easy task. Not much information can be found on it, so you'll need great intuition or great research skills to pass this 10 question quiz.

But how can knowledge on the little-known subject be tested? Well now it can, thanks to a certain person who spent half an hour working a test to measure knowledge on Egyptian astrology. Good luck!

Created by: C. Liang

  1. The Giza Pyramid Complex is a star map of the belt of which constellation?
  2. Who first suggested the idea that the Giza Pyramid Complex was a star map of the belt of the answer to question one?
  3. What was the importance of the star, Sirius?
  4. The Egyptian goddess, Nut, was the personification of what celestial being?
  5. What did the Egyptians call the groups of stars that they divided the night sky into?
  6. How many groups did the Egyptians divide the night sky into?
  7. What is the Nile River, the Giza Pyramid Complex, and the Sphinx a star map of, according to Graham Hancock?
  8. When did the Egyptians first notice that Sirius shone brighter than any other star?
  9. What did the ancient Egyptians refer to the circumpolar stars of the north sky as?
  10. The sun god, Re, was the personification of which sun?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Egyptian Astrology?