egyptian senet quiz

We all know about the egyptians and how they surrvied, well here is a little quiz to see if you really know the egyptians. This is a little game i like to call egyptian baseball. Well its not really baseball but thats ok. Have fun taking the quiz

Do you think you have what it takes to win an egytian baseball game? Well this quiz will tell you how much you know on your egyptians you better brush up on your notes and hit the liberry and then come here and play egyptian baseball.

Created by: Dawn

  1. Egyptians engaged in trade by sea as well as over land.
  2. What kind of weapons did Egyptian soldiers use?
  3. What pulled the war chariots of the Egyptians?
  4. What sort of protection or ornaments did Egyptian war horses wear?
  5. What is a quiver?
  6. Ancient Egyptian priests or nobles sometimes wore
  7. Common Egyptian shoes were
  8. White cotton was a favorite material for clothing in King Tut's Egypt.
  9. What did ancient Egyptians use for writing?
  10. It took many men to sail Egyptian ships.

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