How well do you know Astrology?

There's way more to astrology than being able to name all 12 signs. In order to use astrology as a tool to understand human interactions you must know the different groupings of signs, as well as their respected individual qualities.

Do you know the astrological calender? Can you name each zodiac sign and its opposite? Did you realize there was more to astrology than checking your horoscope?

Created by: shanon weltman
  1. Which signs are Cardinal?
  2. What element is Aquarius?
  3. Aries represents what body part?
  4. Which sign is opposite of Scorpio?
  5. Mercury rules which signs?
  6. What sign begins on the winter solstice?
  7. Are 2 Libras a good romantic match?
  8. Which sign represents "the harvest"?
  9. Which sign is ruled by the sun?
  10. Which sign is half fish?
  11. What does the 8th house represent?
  12. Which planet rules Sagittarius?
  13. Which signs are "mother" and "father"?
  14. Born on Pi day (3.14), Albert Einstein is what sign?
  15. 420, Earth day & Arbor day all kick off the first week of what green sign?
  16. According to Native American astrology, Aquarius is represented by what animal?
  17. Which signs are Yin?
  18. True or False: Pisces are a masculine sign.
  19. Which sign represents ages 7-14?
  20. How important were Astrologers during Ancient Egypt?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Astrology?