what zodiac sign SHOULD you be?

The stars and planets stare at us from above. They not only give earth it's vitality and energy but they influence our own moods, personalities and destinations.

Do YOU know your zodiac sign which was bestoed on you the day and time of your birth? Have you ever felt like it didn't describe you? Take this test to find out what sign truly matches YOUR personality. I have obtained information from highly respected books about astrology, so this test is very accurate! Find your true self, and enjoy! (remaining 6 signs and moon signs still to come! so check back soon!)

Created by: michelle
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  1. Let's start off with a typical day for you. When the alarm goes off in the morning you:
  2. alright, you're out of bed, but OH NO! your dog got into the garbage and it's all over the kitchen! Now what...?
  3. so you cleaned up the mess (or didn't) and then you did your daily morning thing. It's lunchtime now, what are you eating?
  4. You just got done with lunch, and you bump into an old friend you haven't seen in ages! How do you greet them?
  5. Alright, you've had enough chit-chat, how do you say goodbye?
  6. So now you're strolling down the street and you see the local park. Do you stop? What do you see?
  7. It's getting dark now, where's your new destination?
  8. It's 9pm, where are you?
  9. Okay, it's 2am in the morning. Are you still awake?
  10. Now I want to know...why didn't you go to work yesterday?
  11. okay, last question...Let's I'm a really good friend of yours, and you did something to make me mad...now I won't talk to you. How do you handle it?

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