What Zodiac Sign Should You Be?

Everyone has a zodiac sign, but how do you know if you were born under the wrong one? Aries is courageous, Taurus is earthy, Scorpio is mysterious, Gemini is popular, and Capricorn is scheming. Which one matches you best?

Do you ever read your horoscope and think its wrong? Do you read other horoscopes and think, "That sounds more like me..." Find out what zodiac sign you SHOULD have been born under!

Created by: Megan
  1. When deciding what movie to watch, you:
  2. In people that you date, you usually look for:
  3. What is your college major?
  4. What kind of books/novels do you enjoy reading?
  5. You only have one choice: Which type of food will you go for?
  6. You get stuck baby-sitting your niece. Do you:
  7. Your computer crashes. First you:
  8. You get lost while hiking in the mountains. You:
  9. You break up with your significant other. Why?
  10. If you were a shirt, what type would you be?

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Quiz topic: What Zodiac Sign should I Be?