Another Ultimate Bible Quiz

This is another Bible quiz. A little different than the first one, but just as challenging. Always keep your Bible knowledge high and always ready! Get ready to take your Bible Quiz.

Get ready for Another Bible Quiz! You will be challenged with odd Bible questions and rare asked questions. Do you have what it takes to make a 100%? We will see what you are made of!

Created by: Tim
  1. Who was considered "a man left handed?"
  2. Where was the Lord when He visited Elijah in the cave?
  3. Who was Abraham's second wife's name?
  4. What book comes after Habakkuk?
  5. The seven churches in Revelation are Ephesus, _____, Pergamos, _____, Sardis, _____ and Laodecia.
  6. Of those churches, to which one did the Lord rebuke for the Nicolaitanes?"
  7. Of those churches, to which one did the Lord commend for hating Nicolaitanes?"
  8. What is the first five words of the book of Revelation
  9. Who was Abraham's second wife's name?
  10. Which of these kings was a king of the Chaldeans?
  11. What name was given to Daniel by Nebuchadnezzar
  12. What did Joseph do for the Pharaoh?
  13. What commandment is "Thou shall not commit adultery?"
  14. What day(s) was/were the Israelites not permitted to gather manna while in the wilderness?
  15. Who was Jacob's first third son's name?
  16. How many books are in the KJV?
  17. How many books are in the NIV?
  18. What chapter and verse is "For we walk by faith, not by sight?"
  19. Which one maches Samuel?
  20. From what people was Goliath from?
  21. What city was Jesus born in?
  22. What son of David became king of Israel after his death?

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