The Ultimate Bible Challenge

Think you know a little something about the Bible? Test your knowledge with my Ultimate Quiz. It's not long, but it's HARD. If you think you know something about the Bible, think again.

This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of the Bible. You'll gain 6 points for a correct answer, -2 points for an incorrect answer, and 0 points for an "I don't know" related answer. There are one or two twists in here, but most of the questions are relatively straightforward. Good luck!

Created by: Awen
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  1. How many wise men were present at Jesus' birth?
  2. When fighting Goliath, David took 5 stones from the river. If God was behind David, why take 5? Why not 1?
  3. The bible tells the story of a group of Israelites, who were burying a young man. Suddenly, raiders came over the hill, forcing them to abandon the man's body to a nearby tomb. They did so, and the body came back to life. Into whose tomb was the body t
  4. Upon rebuilding the temple, one Israelite king rediscovered the scrolls of the law. Who was this?
  5. How many wise men met Jesus? (Oh yes. I know. "We've had this question before", you say. No, we haven't. Just answer the frickin' question!
  6. Who was the first man to have more than one wife?
  7. How's your self-esteem doing at this point?
  8. It's a fight to the death... you vs. a dragon. Which prophet do you want on your side? (Think carefully about the miracles God worked through these men!)
  9. According to Jewish tradition, only the Messiah could cure WHICH ailment?
  10. Jesus responded to this tradition by healing how many people with this condition, all at once?
  11. Which of the following would you be most likely to find in the book of Revelation?

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