Bible Trivia 2009

Welcome to "Bible Trivia 2009"!** Remember, Please keep trying your best to keep up your knowledge. Make sure you read your bible before you start as a Bible Studier. Keep up the good work! Clallenge your mind!

Are you a Bible Studier? Why won't you visit our Trivia 2009 Quiz. It is a random quiz of the bible. Mostly the quiz is about Jesus. So, Good Luck. Please read your bible and challenge yourself before you start the quiz. Challenge your Mind!

Created by: Tarik Holmes
  1. Where did Jesus grow up?
  2. If Jesus was still living on Earth today, how old would he be?
  3. When Jesus was crucified, the Jews had been celebrating what feast?
  4. After the flood, what was the sign of the covenant that God made with Noah and his descendants?
  5. What was found in Benjamin's sack of grain?
  6. Which was the most important of all God's commandments, according to Jesus?
  7. When Jesus performed the miracle of feeding the multitude, what 2 foods did he use?
  8. After Jesus' death, how long was it before his resurrection?
  9. When fishing, Jesus once instructed his disciples to fish on the other side of the boat. When they tried it, which disciple pulled up the nets?
  10. Approximately long was Jesus on Earth after his resurrection?

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