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  • This is not about "playing church" or "acting real". Have you not heard? Col 4:6 A true Christian wouldn't speak in the manner you are. And by the way, Essau was the first to commit polygamy in the Bible. He married 2 Canaanitish women just to piss off his parents especially his dad because he knew very well that his dad forbade that. Please get your facts right. God bless you.

  • you dont see until your blind as in 3 wise men however joseph was wise because he obeyed the word of the Lord and faced grave dangers with mary being pregnant with a child he knew was not his but he trusted God thats the only true wisdom the rest is vexation of spirit ask me how I know it bring nothing but sorrow. meddling with knowledge broadens the path and we all have forgotten its narrow and few will enter so a lot of religious folk are in trouble ask your self if your truly converted and i hope you are following christ is going to be a dang sight more offensive than my quiz answers christians have to have thick skin and not rubuke your brother in stead of extending a loving hand of christ-like humbly guiding to rightousness people rather sit in judgement, vengence is his alone. and that 6 % score on my quiz is probably how many of all people who will be saved because they declare holiness believers dont seek God or the one he sent . we refuse worldly knowledge how can we understand the awe of the heavens. I dont mean to flatter or offend anyone and sorry if i did . Just some food for thought. respectfully joseph

  • This is a very, very strange quiz... I must admit that I'm not fond of it and also, with the Revelations question, it could easily have been at least two of the answers you've provided so I hope that has been taken into account. I wish you'd been more specific too, as I felt that some of the questions were a bit vague and ambiguous.

  • I found your comments about knowing the answers to the questions very offensive. It just shows that I need to go back and read Revelations. Trivia questions just means that you know specifics answers not the principles behind the Word of God!

    Connie Humphrey
  • I found this quiz to be very offensive and I hope this quiz is deleted because it gives other non christians wrong ideas about the bible! It was not at all humerous and it just showed your lack of knowledge of the bible!

  • I think these two need to get a life and learn how to laugh. Offensive? PLEASE! I think Christians need to start being REAL and STOP playing church. You are not fooling anyone.

    Trials N Error

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