The Adult Bible Quiz

After seeing and taking several bible quizzes on the internet, I thought we needed a more.. adult level quiz. So here it is. Introducing the adult bible quiz.

Do you have what it takes my friend? Do you know the bible as well as an adult should or are you still in your biblical diapers? Take this quiz and find out.

Created by: TheGodFearinFiddler
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  1. One Israelite tribe was nearly eradicated, which one was it?
  2. What did Paul tell Timothy was the pillar and foundation of the truth?
  3. Where did Peter live?
  4. Who was the father of Alexander & Rufus?
  5. Micah said God requires us to do justice, love mercy and:
  6. Where did Jesus tell Peter he was the rock on which Christ's Church would be built?
  7. Which part of the account of Jesus walking on water is exclusive to Matthew's gospel?
  8. Which gospel explains that when Jesus said 'not what enters mans mouth defiles him' that He also declared all foods clean?
  9. As the most prolific New Testament writer, who wrote more than 1/4 of the words found in the New Testament?
  10. Which apostle is mentioned the most?
  11. To which prophet did God ask, "Can these bones live?"
  12. Who was the oldest of Jacob's sons?
  13. Who said, "As for me and my house we will serve the Lord"?
  14. Who was Noah's father?
  15. Which of these groups did not believe in the resurrection?
  16. Who wanted the head of John the Baptist?
  17. Which church, in Revelation was neither hot nor cold?
  18. The Sadducees question Jesus about a woman who was married to seven different men. Which book are they referring to?

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