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  • If this was a quiz for intelligent adults then it would help if an intelligent adult could give some answers or are they not that intelligent

    noyb Sep 12 '14, 10:35PM
  • Sorry, it would help to have the answers so that we can see what we missed and bone up on our deficiencies.

    ndduncan May 19 '14, 9:44AM
  • Where are the answers? Why do you give quizzes but no answers? We are here to LEARN!! This is ridiculous! I am not interested in your quizzes anymore!

    Ruththene Sep 2 '13, 5:22PM
  • thank you so much...i got only 32% and you're absolutely right with your comment that i need more Bible reading...thank you so much for your encouragement. i'll do my best to find the right answers to the questions...thanks!

    flor Aug 7 '13, 10:28PM
  • Where are the correct answers?

    want2learn Jul 9 '13, 8:02PM
  • would like to know what answers are incorrect.

    mab Jan 30 '13, 3:42PM
  • Ditto!! Please let me see correct answers.

    tiarosa Feb 6 '12, 2:27AM
  • You shouldn't be so critical, you once yourself started out knowing very little. You should also know that you shouldn't be so judgmental but encouraging. Obviously if someone is taking the quiz then they are making an attempt to learn.

    whitneyg88 Aug 10 '11, 7:36PM
  • please enter the correct answers so that we can learn

    molamma mathew Sep 18 '10, 2:25AM
  • yea, we need to see correct answers, so we can learn/ and study more!!

    ramzee May 23 '10, 1:58PM

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